"The Amazing Race" Gamemode

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"The Amazing Race" Gamemode

Postby DarkyTheFox » Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:46 am

So basically I came up with this great idea for a new game mode inspired by the TV series, "The Amazing Race". Basically players have to reach from one point of the island to the destination, passing checkpoints along the way.

- 4 - 16 Players reccomended (Teams of 2 or Solo)
- Grapple Hook is disabled
- Parachutes can only be used if found (i.e. Black Market Dealer parachute crates)
- Passive mode is disabled
- Direct PvP is disabled, but you can still be killed indirectly by player sabotage/world. (Meaning you can be killed if you are in a vehicle that explodes or are too close to items that can be sabotaged.)
- /jesus is disabled
- Boost is disabled
- Jump jets are disabled
- You start without a grapple hook, any weapons, or a parachute.
- You have to use your surroundings to find weapons, parachutes, and vehicles.
- Weapons all have limited ammo and can only be replenished by finding the same weapon in another crate. (Mostly used for sabotage like blowing up gas stations or destrucatble objects and vehicle damage, such as blowing out tires or engine damage)
- Dual wielding one-handed weapons is enabled.
- You are allowed to switch vehicles if you want.
- All vehicles should have a fuel limit, meaning they can only travel certain distances before they need more fuel and stop working.
- You can refuel vehicles at Gas Stations, but watch out, other players can sabotage gas stations and cause indirect death.
- Mounted Weapons on vehicles (such as miniguns or rockets) also have limited ammo or at least a long cooldown period.
- You can use weapons to sabotage other players/vehicles or as barter, but you can't kill them.
- Everyone also starts out with a certain amount of money. Money is used as barter with other teams/players and used to rent or purchase vehicles/weapons.
- The queue for "The Amazing Race" gamemode should be /tar. It will bring up a queue where players will get to vote for a player race or a team race.
- Team races pay out bigger rewards compared to player races.
- Once the type of race has been chosen, a random race route will be assigned.
- If it's a player match, global chat will be disabled and a local chat will be temporarily enabled, where you can only talk to someone if you're within their vicinity (sorta like DayZ).
- If it's a team match, players will be given time to pick their teams and who they want to be with. If there is imbalance, a script will be placed to auto/force balance between teams. Teams must have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players. Like player matches, global chat will be temporarily disbaled and replaced with a temporary local chat, along with a group chat, where players can freely talk to their teammates, regardless of distance. (There might be some metagaming issues there so I'll leave it to second opinions.)
- Once a checkpoint has been reached, the first person/team there gets a bonus item to help give them an advantage and the next checkpoint is revealed to that person/team only. In team races, checkpoints can only be passed if your whole team makes it to the checkpoint.
- In the event a player or a team dies, they will respawn at the last checkpoint they passed (if no checkpoints were passed they must wait at the start).
- In the event a player disconnects or a player/team forfeits or ragequits, they will be put on a 30 min cooldown period from /tar to prevent disconnection/player loss.
- Most races are in a sprint race, point A to point B type, incorporating land, sea, and air travel.
- G9 Eclipses, Pell Silverbolts, and any other type of jets are banned. We learned it gives players a huge unfair advantage.
- Explosive weapons (other than C4 & Grenades) are either banned or should be put on very limited ammo to prevent spam and maintain balance.
- The winner(s) get payed $100,000 (1st place, 50/50 split). Runner-ups get $75,000 (2nd place, 50/50 split). 3rd place gets $50,000 (50/50 split). 4th place gets $25,000 (50/50 split). 5th place gets $10,000 (50/50). 6th place gets $7,500 (50/50 split). 7th place gets $5,000 (50/50 split). 8th place gets $2,500 (50/50).

Extra Notes: If you want to take it one step further, events could be held where we get the whole server to do one big amazing race, and the winning team wins the jackpot of say, $10 million dollars for example. We hold 8 - 10 teams (groups of up to 4), put them in seperate channels, let them communicate, and see who wins. I'm just throwing this around for ideas to help bring the server popularity back.

Let me know what you guys think about this idea and leave any feedback, advice, opinions, or recommendations in the comments. This idea was created by me and tested by Myself (DarkyTheFox~), DroskTheDragon, WackoRelyk, =[o.W.n]= Sliestwheel, and Gary_#23. We actually had a bunch of fun playing it out.
~ DarkyTheFox ^w^
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Re: "The Amazing Race" Gamemode

Postby Bler » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:56 am

Sounds like something the server could use, but more emphasis would need to be put on the "race" portion, as otherwise, it sounds too much like Survival District.
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Re: "The Amazing Race" Gamemode

Postby Smelly » Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:15 am

Awesome idea, some suggestions:

-I think you should be able to vote between two randomly generated tracks, or have an admin choose the tracks to vote for.

-Or have each player select a course, then when everyone selects a course, a track route is randomly generated with the players' selected tracks.

-Each player should start with the same type of vehicle, based on the track route.

-I hope the "Amazing Race" becomes a reality!
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