New Gamemode Idea?

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New Gamemode Idea?

Postby Prankguy103 » Fri May 22, 2015 3:42 am

I have no clue if this is possible or not, but I thought that I'd post it anyway, I mentioned this idea on server before, but now I've given it more thought. ;)

"Gun Game" Gamemode: Inspired by Call Of Duty
There's a minimum of 5 players, maximum of 20 players each game, they all start off with either a Pistol or Revolver and with each kill they "Level Up".
Each kill they get, they are equipped with a new weapon
1. Pistol or Revolver
2. Sawn-Off Shotgun
3. Shotgun
4. SMG
5. Machine Gun or Assault Rifle
6. Sniper Rifle
7. Flare Gun or Laser Gun
8. Grenade Launcher
9. Panay Rocket Launcher
10. SAM Launcher

Ways to win:
Be the first to get a kill with the SAM Launcher.
Get the most kills before the time limit runs out (I was thinking 5m - 15m)

There's unlimited respawning, but if you die, you are put back a level.
If a player leaves mid-game and 4 players are left over (If possible) the game will go into sudden death and the first person to get a kill wins 1,500. (if not possible) The game will have to end with all players receiving 500 each.

1st. 10,000
2nd. 7,500
3rd. 5,000
4th. 3,500
5th - 20th. 1,000

5 - 10 players
Submarine (outside only)
Pie (maybe)
| More can be added |

10 - 20 players
Dome (under roof)
MHC Balloons
| More can be added |

I don't think I left any required info out, but if I have, let me know and I'll think of it.

With this idea and Darky's Amazing Race idea, I think we'll be able to be highlighted again for good. :D
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Re: New Gamemode Idea?

Postby Bler » Fri May 22, 2015 8:23 am

Sounds nice, though it may interest you to know that Call of Duty copied that kind of game from other old games. I'm not even sure what the very first game was to feature that. It might have been Counter-Strike, or something older.
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