Underwater Bug

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Underwater Bug

Postby WackoRelyk » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:15 am

Through my hours on the server, I've encountered many bugs. One bug that I've noticed recently is something that happens when you check "Drive Underwater" in the buy menu.

If you're driving a car on land, on the water, in the water, or on a random skyroad in build world, you're going to flip over a lot, especially if you're playing with the mass settings. When you finally are overturned, where ever you may be, you will not fall out of the car with Drive Underwater checked, as you would at any other point in the game. Something interesting happens, and I guess that it's a bug of some sorts. In my experience, when I pressed E after I had flipped over, my animations glitched for a moment, but other than that, everything was completely fine. Well, almost everything.

When I spawned a motorcycle later on, I started driving it around the map, as any player would. However, as I started to bounce off of objects and trees that I hit, I noticed that a very peculiar thing had been occurring. I was not falling off of my motorcycle, no matter how hard the impact was. Eventually, I decided to test the bug against about 100 C4 on the back of my bike. To my surprise, when I activated the C4, I was shot across the map, for about an average of three kilometers. I didn't die through using the F5 menu to my advantage.

The bug deactivates when the player is killed as well. In no way am I saying that this is something that should be fixed, as you are actually able to drive a bike underwater through the use of this bug. It is fun, but I thought it should just be put out into the public.

How to do the bug:
1: Spawn a Mancini (or any other lightweight sports car).
2: Check "Drive Underwater" in the buy menu.
3: Set your mass in the range of 20000-40000.
4: Drive on land, water, or underwater until you flip yourself over.
5: Wait a few seconds before exiting the vehicle.
6: Exit the vehicle.
7: Test the bug (best way to do this is driving down desertjump1.)

I highly recommend that you set your bike to a higher mass than usual, to avoid accidental death, or just going passive.
The bike will not be able to go upside down, you'll most likely be flung back a fair bit while still on the vehicle.
Don't use the loop at airport with the bike, in my experience, I crashed.

That is all.
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Re: Underwater Bug

Postby Jman100 » Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:59 pm

This is more the fact that I removed the height limiter of the ejection prevention.

Basically, to "drive underwater" I disable automatic ejection of the player from the vehicle. Originally i set this to only happen below 200m (water height). But I removed it for the lulz. If the checkbox is on, you will never fall off your bike or be thrown out of a vehicle.
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