Awesome bug tester in search of a good assistant!

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Awesome bug tester in search of a good assistant!

Postby TheStatPow » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:50 pm

Hello, as you may know i love searching and finding bugs and breaking scripts.

But this job is hard and require time, and also someone else ... some bug can't be done alone.

These are the criteria to work with me:

1:A good understanding of what bug testing is (ex: knowing the difference between a Cbug and a Abug ect ...)

2:I need someone well planned, who know what he is gonna do, who know how to follow plans (im prolly gonna do big sheet fullfilled with bug we hav to do)

3:Someone patient and that is online A LOT, by that i mean at least 8 hours a day like me, bug testing require some time, but its always fun with me ;)

4:You must be a tier 1 donor (im planning on testing some donor stuff bugs soon)

5:You must not leak the flaws/bug unless i permit it (example if you go leak the entire server that there is a bug that makes you win the race everytime and you tell them how to do it, thats not very professional)

6:Good equipment (i don't want to be with someone who always have crappy internet connection and crappy computer)

other than that, if you are super social and cool and you think you could be a good assistant, post your CV down there ;)
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