What are your thoughts on furries?

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What are your thoughts on furries?

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What are your thoughts on furries?

Postby luvmypackerz » Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:09 am

SO I've played on the server for some time now, no problems with the topic.... until tonight when someone(Not saying name because of private reasons) went off on me for being a furry 'too much in chat' and that "I should make my own group to be a furry."

I've made this poll to see how people feel about this topic.
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Re: What are your thoughts on furries?

Postby DoubleheadGamer » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:06 am

To start off,

Fuck privacy reasons, I admit to calling Drosk out for constantly talking about "Furries" in chat. He has already created a group in the server dedicated to Furries, aptly named "Furries", yet when I tell him that he should continue the process, he doesn't want to get so into something he doesn't deem important.

Which is where I'm bewildered, because he deems it important enough to nonstop talk about Bad Dragon Dildos, Scalies, Furries, and all the other suggestive, and immature matter that he seems so dedicated to.

Drosk, make a group for your silly animal friends. I read nearly every comment in the chat feed, looking for questions, comments about the server, people who are wondering about donations, and people breaking the rules. It seems like a solid fourth of what I see is a constant "I would love to be fucked by a Bad Dragon Dildo" in BIG GOLD LETTERS. It's annoying. It's disrupting my work. It outright pisses me off. Don't start complaining about how keeping a dedicated group for your Furries is too hard, and too unimportant to you, because it's obviously not.

If you can keep a constant level of spam in my Steam Chat of things you've built, and Halo playlist songs that you thought I might like, then you sure as hell can maintain a group for the only thing that seems to have meaning in your life.

Quite honestly, I would love it if these stupid Furries weren't even a thing. It seems like a poor excuse for people who need a reasonable explanation for enjoying their pets a little too much as a kid. Drosk, I think it's time for you to grow up, and get your mind out of having sexual intercourse with stuffed animals. It's disgusting, and annoying to constantly be reminded of.

At the same time, I'm in no liberty to control your mindset, no matter how abnormal and disgusting I think it is. I am however in control of how chat is maintained in the server, and what is OK for people to constantly talk about. I find your talk of these little Furry creatures ANNOYING and after seeing it so often flooding the server chat, I'm taking it upon myself to do something about it. You're breaking rule #4, and don't act like it isn't a problem.

And the constant "Double, shut" is outright disrespect to me, and my authority as an Administrator. I take offense to it, and if it were any other fool that used that as a device for countering my explanation of how they're breaking the server rules, I'd see to it that they would be kicked, and even banned after so long for not complying with the server rules. That's Rule #2. Respect the Administrators. If you can't respect my take on authority for you breaking server rules, then what makes you think I should have any remorse when I have to punish you when you break said rules.

If it were up to me, Furries would be a banned topic, specifically to those who take it as no more than a canvas to express their sexual desires. This is a server of all ages Drosk. People come to the server from a wide variety of different backgrounds, ages, and personal morals. Constantly giving vivid, and morbid descriptions in chat about how you want a dildo stuck up your ass is unacceptable, and disrespectful to the wide variety of people that come on the server just to have fun, and enjoy the time they have to themselves.

Despite my opinions of the matter, it isn't up to me. This is up to Jman. I can merely put you in your place, and keep you reminded that the server chat isn't a place to talk about your sexual fantasies. Go find an online dating site, I'm sure you'll find all the sexually active Furries that your heart, and your right hand desire. If that doesn't work for you, make a faction. Type in /f join Furries baddragondildo. I honestly don't care what you do with your dreams of getting kinky with a dragon, just don't force it onto me as I'm working to keep Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, and it's very proactive chat feed a safe, and helpful place to be.

Once more, this is up to Jman, and at this point in time, Jman wants me to drop the topic, and he wants you to tone down on the sexual stuff. Don't act like toning down on it means you can say so much about it in a time interval. Your comment "I haven't said anything sexual in an hour" justifies nothing. You're still on track with repeatedly talking about your sexual desires in chat. How long the interval is between when you bring it up again is meaningless.

As for my thoughts on Furries, I think they're an internet fandom for people who aren't entirely sure what they want in life, and should be spending more time with realistic matters, rather than fantasizing about having sex with a dog with human attributes. It's like the horny division of pokemon or something, and it's outright disgusting. Go meet a girl, or a guy, or become aware of human contact, and that not your dog, nor the internet wants anything to do with your genitals, or darkest fantasies.

Yes, I'm aware that I'm saying some extremely mean comments here, and yes I'm sure you're beyond offended, but I want to bring you up to my level of how sick I am of your constant feed of pornographic imagery in the public chat. The server has been peeking with amounts of people that we haven't seen since Just Cause 2 Multiplayer started its legacy on Steam. Each and every one of those individuals, from 30 year old men, who have probably seen more women in their lives then you ever will in the direction you're going, to 12 year old boys, who are just on to have some fun, and understand the world around them, to innocent girls (and believe me, girls DO play on this server) who are just on for some fun when they have nothing to do, they all have to read your massive gold comments about getting rammed by a 14 inch cock. It's disgusting, and shows your lack of respect for the people of the server.

If you can't respect the players in the server, then maybe you shouldn't consider yourself one amongst them.

I'll leave it at that.
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Re: What are your thoughts on furries?

Postby Jman100 » Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:55 pm

The matter has already been discussed and addressed. Drosk, you know that you've been a lot more sexual and vulgar and innapropriate in chat than you should be, and I've already talked to you about reducing that (which I have noticed has gone down some but keep going at it). On another note, Double is right about your disrespect towards him. Don't smart off and disrespect him.

Same for you, Double, please avoid making unnecessary and biased comments to drosk, especially in the main server chat. I am fully aware of your opinions, and I have handled the situation the way I think it should be handled.
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