New Group: Yipes

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New Group: Yipes

Postby DarkyTheFox » Wed Jan 21, 2015 5:13 pm

Hello there fellow Just Cause 2 members! Some of you might recognize me as "the new donor on the block" or "oh god it's another Drosk clone they're breeding" or you may not even know me at all. Nonetheless I have to you all today with a new group I have been contemplating on. Now I know anyone can just join the game, start a faction and call it a day, however I want to make this official. This group will be dedicated to those who need a new group or are searching for a group to join in after the events of [REDACTED]. Pretty much standard rules, nothing against server rules, users can only be invited & leaders can only be kicked by a 51% majority vote of other leaders, passworded, if password is leaked it will be changed immediately, etc. All leaders are NOT allowed to leak passwords unless given permission by majority staff. Breaking this rule will result in a warning or banishment from Yipes. The group will not be allowed to be allied with to prevent loopholes (exceptions are ICPF & GWE). And no, this is NOT a furry group. This is a general group.

DarkyTheFox~ (said yes)
DroskTheDragon (pending...)
Rigg/F430 (pending...)
Bler (said yes)
immediacy [technically allied via ICPF] (said yes, but is also still leader of ICPF)
Slime (said yes)
SushiGlitchWolf [technically allied via GWE] (pending...)
NovaRazer (said yes)
TheStatPow (pending...)
RainbowCoffee (pending...)

This has nothing to do with [CLASSIFIED], don't talk about [CLASSIFIED] or even bother to bring it up, nor is this any form of retaliation/shunnery against [REDACTED]. This is simply the formation of a new server group, simply put. DO NOT bring it up.

I will be contacting each member and ask their response to being included in the group or not. All non-leaders/members must be invited via 51% majority vote. If a leader breaks this rule they will be warned.

(The group name was inspired by professional video game circuit UMvC3 commentator/player IFC Yipes, and the high-pitched noise a fox makes ^w^)

If you would like to join this group contact me on steam or leave a comment below!
~ DarkyTheFox ^w^
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