How to Donate [Please Read Carefully!]

Please refer in-game to the donation tiers available.

If you donate enough for a tier that gives you a custom tag and/or chat color, please specify your preference in the comment section. See the in-game help screen for more info.

If you don't specify your steam profile I will NOT be able to set up your in-game perks!

NEW!! You can now donate via steam gifts using my Steam wishlist. If my wishlist has items in it, you can buy those items and send them via the email option on steam to [email protected]. The donor tier you receive will be equal to the purchase price of the game. If that includes color or tag options please send a separate email to that same address with that information.

Important Note: If the price of the gift you purchase does not exactly match a donor Tier, it will round down to the nearest Tier and you will be given $200,000 in-game cash for every $10 above that Tier. For example, a game costing $59.99 will give you Tier 4 Donor and $200,000 in-game cash (in addition to the $500,000 you already get with that Tier).


You can donate via Cashapp by sending to $jman110 (not jman100)

Steam Wishlist

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Patreon - Monthly Donations

If you are considerably generous, you can also donate monthly. Any money received for this goes first to the server payment, then to other server related bills and expenses. These get extra perks not available to standard donors as well.