PC Gamer - Exploring the insanity of Build World

PC Gamer's first article on the Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox server, by Wes Fenlon. Check out the article here and the photo gallery here!


Wes Fenlon from PC Gamer - Livestream

Features editor Wes Fenlon from stops by Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox for a visit and streams live! Click here to watch!


PC Gamer - The Beautiful Madness of Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod's Construction Sandbox

PC Gamer's second full article on the Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox server, by Phil Savage. Check out the article here!


Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Build Your Own World in Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod

Graham Smith of RPS writes about the madness that is Build World. Click here to read the article!


GoldGlove - Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Part 1 of 5

GoldGloveTV plays on Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox with friends! Parts 2-5 can be found on his channel.

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer - MOST EPIC EXPLOSION EVER!

Ohmwrecker plays with PewDiePie and friends in this epic video on Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox. 1 of 2 videos recorded on the server.

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer - BOOSTING INSANITY, NINJA PARTY!

Ohmwrecker once again plays on Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox, this time with GoldGloveTV, GassyMexican, and friend Bunni.

Inside Gaming - BROKEN GAME = FUN!

Inside Gaming streams for an hour on Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox!

Jman100's Server - Grenades

Check out our new Grenades! Special thanks to SK83RJOSH for creating the grenade physics code and recording this video.

Jman100's Server - UAV Drones

Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox Developer SK83RJOSH does it again with the amazing Weaponized UAV Drones, purchaseable using the in-game buy menu.